A Story about the Gemlooks Three Hip Hop Boys...

The three of us come from different towns, do other jobs, and share the same love for hip-hop music.

In 2019, we became good friends when we attended a taping of the Rhythm + Flow show together, and at that moment, we thought we could be just like the other people on stage, on display, and become stars that people would look up to. So we spent our time outside of work, practiced together, and signed up for the next Rhythm + Flow, but unfortunately, we were eliminated at the beginning, and at that moment, we felt very lost and sad, and for a long time we went back to our respective lives and jobs and stopped dreaming about music. Work and life were boring as usual until one day, I was listening to music and heard Eminem's Lose yourself and felt the power of the lyrics. I couldn't lose my passion for life because of one failure, so I contacted AJ and MK and asked them about their current situation.

They were also very boring and monotonous like me, so I said we could still do something together, do something more interesting for I said we could do something together, something more interesting, hip-hop. We thought for a long time that music really requires talent, but we still like hip hop music, we like hip hop clothes and accessories, and we can do something related to hip hop.

Eventually, we decided that we would do hip-hop accessories, and Gemlooks was born. From the beginning, we chose goods that no one asked for. At the back of the line, we slowly learned about the production of jewelry and the different processes, we also had our ideas in the selection of products, and we wanted to sell goods that represent the idea of freedom because freedom is the coolest.

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