I Love This Little Angel Who Redeems Me

Life was like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get —— Forrest Gump

Gemlooks fashion accessories photo pendant: gift for love and memory

Before I met Jessica, my life had never been inconsistent, and I didn't have anyone I particularly cared about. It wasn't until Jessica and I had a child born that I realized how bad my life had been.

I was born in a complicated family environment. Because of living in the ghetto, my father was a member of a gang, and my mother was a nanny for someone else's family. Since I was young, I had very low self-esteem, was afraid to talk to others, and always followed others to do something. Until when I was six years old, my uncle took me to their party. That was the first time I heard hip-hop music, especially when the music started. When the music started, I couldn't help but dance along with everyone, my body swayed freely, which gave me a confidence I had never felt before, freedom, and I have been in love with this music and dance ever since.
But because I grew up not loving to learn and have been playing with people older than me in the community, I had a lot of bad habits: smoking, drinking, and even smoking marijuana, thinking that everyone's life should be like this, loafing around every day, not doing their job.

I met Jessica at a bar party when I had to ask for a strange girl's contact information because my brothers were getting up in arms. I thought she was pretty, but later I realized she had a similar background to me. Still, she was much more sunny and cheerful than I was and always had a positive outlook on the future, and her unexplained confidence slowly infected me. I began to like her, officially pursued her, and then we fell in love.
But my self-control did not become restrained because I had Jessica. I did not take long to fool around with the original friends. Jessica did not give up on me and has been persuasive and tolerant of my recklessness. Until one day, she told me she was pregnant. I was overwhelmed and faced with the fear of raising a child; I even offered not to have the baby, but Jessica kept insisting on having the baby. I looked at Jessica's face and thought of the happy life we had in the past, and I gave in.
Soon it was time for the baby to be born, but just in time for the COVID-19 outbreak, the hospital was a mess, and the medical staff was overwhelmed. To avoid infection, we stayed in the ward for a whole day and ate only one meal daily. Jessica was so tired and hungry that she went through 10 hours of pain before giving birth that day. Before she went into the operating room, she told me, "Honey, I believe this child is the most beautiful gift God has given us. I will do my best to persevere. Promise me that you must also love and care for him in the future and become a role model in his life".

I quit my bad habits and got a job as a security guard in a department store.
It was my child's 100th day and the first 100 days of fulfilling my promise. I saw an ad for Gemlooks on the web and ordered a photo pendant with my child's picture to remind me that I am a father and have to take responsibility for my family.

Thank you, Gemlooks, for making this very meaningful pendant for me. It is very beautiful.
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