18K Gold or Gold plating , Which should you buy?

With the continuous development of jewelry manufacturing technology, do you feel frustrated with the difficult choice of jewelry materials?

Follow us, and this article will tell you the difference between the most popular 18-karat gold material and the ordinary gold plating jewelry.

First, let's understand what 18K gold jewelry and gold-plated jewelry are.

Now the more popular materials on the market have 18K gold and gold plating, which customers deeply love.

18K gold is an alloy with at least 75% gold content, that is, the gold content of 18/24 alloy, the remaining 25% for other precious metals, including platinum, nickel, silver, palladium, etc. We know the 24K gold is pure gold, so 18K Gold is equivalent to 18 parts of pure gold. The other 6 parts are other metals. 24K gold as pure gold material is very soft and easy to wear, so 24K gold is not the best choice of jewelry materials. So we commonly use 18K gold, 14K gold, 12K gold, and other alloy jewelry in life jewelry.

Ordinary gold-plated jewelry is not made of gold but other precious metals and electroplated with a layer of gold on the surface. The purpose is to give the surface a good gloss and oxidation resistance. The advantage is that it is gold-plated in such a way that it is a perfect fit in terms of hardness and color. These products are also trendy and worn by customers.

Second: Because of the difference in materials, the price and characteristics of the two products are also different.

18K gold is more expensive than gold-plated in price because the price of gold is transparent in the market, so gold is more precious and collectible than other precious metals.
As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, so 18K Gold is more durable than gold plated because of its relatively high price. 18K gold can maintain its color for more than 2 years, while gold plated will fade over time and expose the original color of the precious metal, but through daily care, the color of gold plated in 1-2 years is not too much of a problem. So Gemlooks recommends you pay attention to the maintenance of any metal material after wearing jewelry and try to avoid wearing it in scenes prone to corrosion (example: jewelry maintenance) so that your jewelry will have a more lasting use period.

Third: How to choose.
As a professional jewelry manufacturer and distributor, Gemlooks offers gold-plated jewelry in both materials.
If you want to buy jewelry as a gift for someone or to treasure, I suggest you choose the 18k gold products.
If you choose to match it daily, I suggest selecting gold-plated products, as this type of product is more diverse in style and color, more selective, and less expensive.
Of course, for people with sensitive skin, Gemlooks suggests that 18K gold plating is an optimal choice because wearing jewelry is as much about enhancing our fashion sense as it is about making sure we are comfortable wearing it.

Finally, I hope this article can bring you some help, and I hope you can choose the jewelry that you like and suits you when you choose Gemlooks' jewelry.

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