The 8 essential outfit jewelry accessories to become a college student

"Before I started college, I spent hours on the internet researching lists of must-have outfits for college students. Unfortunately, I found that not only were all of my clothes overly rustic, but I had almost no jewelry, and the only jewelry I had was out of style or simply not appropriate for the upcoming college experience."

I'm sure this is a worry for many freshmen returning to college life, which is why we're writing this article about accessorizing.

1、6mm Cuban Chain Classical Set
This basic Cuban chain set has been popular since the 70s and is the most classic one you can't go wrong with. Its extremely high degree of adaptability to daily classes and participation in a variety of college social activities with jewelry, not only to avoid taking the time to choose accessories and late, but also to add some vitality to your more "boring" commuting clothes. Therefore, among contemporary college students, almost everyone has a set of Miami Cuba chain basic set.

2、5mm Tennis Chain Set
The tennis chain set embedded with glittering diamonds is certainly a great choice for some formal ceremonies in college life. Especially at the commencement ceremony, everyone's perception of your new face often comes from some "special decoration" on your body. As a simple style without being ostentatious and without losing the "gold glitter" tennis chain, it will perfectly match your dress and impress your classmates and teachers with class and elegance.

3、12mm Sparkling Diamond Cuban Chain Set
Of course, the dating scene with the person you love, which is essential for college life, must also have the right jewelry to match. In the face of a sweet date, this Cuban chain set with broken diamonds is the "ace" of the date. When the ambiguous inner light, your neck and wrist will emit a fine sparkling let people can not leave the eyes of the light, will certainly add a lot of charm for you.

4、20mm Iced Out Cuban Chain
When it comes to college life, the most exciting and enjoyable experience is the various parties held by friends. As a party enthusiast, my recommendation for you is this "King of Party" 20mm Miami Cuban Chain. The reason for choosing it is undoubtedly its wide size and super sparkling diamond inlay. Facing the people who are competing to dress up at the party, wearing this chain, as long as you are given a light source, the focus of the whole party can only be you.


5、Two-color Cuban chain
When you enter college, you will make a lot of good friends. You will hang out together, and this two-color Cuban chain is the latest style, so you usually don't see people wearing the same style appear in the crowded street. The two-color design will also make you look better. This chain would also be perfect for street photography.


6、Waterproof and anti-corrosion Cuban chain set
You are looking forward to your friends' vacation together during the holidays. You're both excited and annoyed by the prospect of summer pools, spring and fall hikes, and winter skiing. You love the outdoors, but the outdoors has corroded several pieces of your jewelry. With this waterproof and corrosion-resistant Cuban chain set, you won't have to worry about that, which uses advanced plating technology to keep you from hesitating in the mountains and water.


7、Personalized Pendants
I believe you must be unique when you come to college, and how to express your personality with jewelry accessories will test your fashion taste. I recommend this collection of pendants to you, which has religious, custom, animal, NFT, anime, street art, and many other elements and styles of pendants and all pendants will come with a 24inch rope chain. I'm sure there's a pendant that matches you best.


8、10mm Freshwater Pearl Beaded Necklace
The pearl symbolizes wisdom and perfection. When you finally put on your graduation bachelor's uniform and attend the graduation ceremony, wearing this simple design pearl necklace means that the unforgettable college study life is coming to an end, and you will take this pearl-like wisdom and perfection into the next stage of your life. It is also very meaningful as a graduation gift for your friends.

What do you think of the back-to-school outfit jewelry accessories list I provided? Let me know what you think in the comments!
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