The Origin of Hip-hop Culture

When talking about hip-hop, the first thing that comes to mind is hip-hop music and those hip-hop talent shows seen on TV networks, but it has its own unique culture. It represents a street culture, a lifestyle, not just a style of music.

The term Hip-Hop was first composed of two separate slang terms, Hip referring to the ass, and Hop referring to the jumping movement, and overall referring to a free-spirited form of dancer.
So in the broad sense of, hip-hop culture, in addition to music, it also includes Street dance, beatboxing, graffiti, and other entertainment activities.

Now let's talk about the origins of hip-hop.
In 1973, the Bronx was the most famous ghetto in the United States, and because of the poor economy, there were many problems. 

Because of their unique musical talent and physicality, Blacks have developed a special form of song and dance. Most of the time, they wore their parents' clothes that looked larger than their bodies and carried large vintage record players for entertainment on the streets.
The poor economy formed a dressing culture that later made people who liked hip-hop culture also like this style of dressing.

The manifestations of hip-hop culture at the time were heavily associated with street gang fights.
Graffiti was originally used to draw designs on rival territories where one belonged and was a form of expression of territorial possession.
Street dance is a form of confrontation between gangs before a fight, as dance fights require a strong musical background to get the blood flowing in everyone involved, thus achieving pre-fight excitement.
Freestyle rap is the use of singing to express one's position and attack the other party's position.

It is because of this unusual genesis that hip-hop culture contrasts with other cultures, which are more devoted to authenticity, freedom, and love.

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