The Origin of West Coast Hip Hop

Although hip-hop culture originated on the East Coast, the development of East Coast rap has been relatively smooth. Instead, West Coast rap received a different kind of development.

In the 1980s, West Coast rap was all about emulating the East Coast approach, knowing that the rise of gangster rap brought West Coast rap to the pantheon of mainstream music.
Alonzo Williams, the godfather of West Coast rap from Compton, started the group World Class Wreckin Cru, which included members such as Dr. Dre and DJ Yella (who would later become a member of NWA) and started the trend of West Coast music leading the way.
The release of NWA's Straight Outta Compton in 1989 was what elevated gangster rap to new heights in mainstream music.
In 1995, 2Pac joined Death Row and collaborated with Dr. Dre on ""California Love,"" which became a national hit. 2Pac became popular with the public and released ""All Eyez on Me"" in 1996, the first double-CD compilation in hip-hop history and the best-selling hip-hop album of all time. 2Pac's lyrics are rich in 2Pac's lyrics are strong and emotionally appealing, exposing the dark side of society and conveying his desire to change society.
He was also a rising star on the East Coast, and privately BIG and 2Pac were good friends. Still, because of the competition over financial interests, the two record companies always had some conflicts in terms of promotion. They even caused two talented singers to be shot dead in the back. The East and West Coast dispute ended with the passing of two rap legends.

After the East-West Coast feud ended, peace was gradually restored to the East and West coasts. A new generation of great rappers began to emerge, including many East Coast jay-z, West Coast Eminem, and others.

The new rap star Eminem gradually blossomed under the care of rap godfathers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, who debuted in 1997 and won the 42nd Grammy for Best Rap Artist and Best Rap Album with his album The Slim Shady LP in February 2000 alone. Crossing paths with East Coast jay-z, he became the brightest of that new star on the West Coast.

With the emergence of many great rappers who continue to dominate the American music charts, hip-hop has become an integral part of the American music market and is spreading toward the world.

The Super Bowl halftime show in 2022 pulled everyone's memory back to the most golden era of West Coast hip-hop. The era's top hip-hop artists stood on the Super Bowl stage, allowing all those involved to appreciate the true greatness of hip-hop culture. These songs can give people power, especially with the new crown epidemic sweeping the world, all the more willing to believe that the future will get better.

The Hip-hop constantly, The surprises keep on coming.

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