The Top 10 Necklaces in The Hip-Hop History

From Gucci Mane's ""My Chain"" to tracks like Big Sean's ""First Chain,"" jewelry and hip-hop culture have become inseparable, and oversized jewelry is the best way to showcase success.

In the past, the hip-hop trend has taken jewelry culture to a new level, with rappers wearing larger, more personalized, custom pieces.

While the infamous B.I.G. quote ""Mo Money means Mo Problems"" is well known, it hasn't stopped more hip-hoppers from getting richer. The blind necklace is the best symbol of luxury and a constant reminder to others of how good they are, and the better they are in hip-hop, the more expensive the jewelry.
So Rappers began to compare each other's expensive chains, which has allowed this culture of showing off wealth in the Hip-Hop community to continue to this day.
It has even given birth to some jewelry pieces that are both breathless and ridiculous, sometimes even making hip-hop itself go nowhere.

Now I present to you the top 10 most personal and controversial necklaces in the Hip-Hop world, from which you can also learn what makes Hip-Hop culture different from other cultures.

No. 10: Slick Rick's Justice Scales Chain
Estimate: $250,000

Slick Rick started the flamboyant culture that defined Hip-Hop with more gold than Richie Rich and Mr T combined, and he often wore countless necklaces and rings and even a crown in the mid-'80s, but none of them compares to his Justice Scales medallion. There's no comparison. The shiny accessory was more significant than his face. The chain was especially ironic when Slick Rick pleaded guilty to two murders and countless other charges in court.

No. 9: Method Man's Ice Pick Chain
Estimate: $250,000

Method Man's Ice Pick Chain

Before custom-made jewelry was the standard in the hip-hop scene, Method Man had this shiny necklace custom-made, and because of its unusual shape, it had security, afraid it would cause harm to someone. As an essential member of Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man contributed numerous ""Killer Rhymes"", so he would wear a ""Killer Chain"" that fits their personality.

No. 8: Quavo's Chef's Chain
Estimate: $250,000

Quavo's Chef's Chain

Migos like to incorporate elements of their hit ""Bad & Boujee"" into their jewelry, but Quavo has taken this preference to a new level. He was inspired by the song ""Still be playin' with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille."" from Pixar's animated ""Food Network"". This white gold necklace is set with high-quality diamonds from start to finish, and the cartoonish absurdity of the piece makes Quavo unique.

No. 7: Cameron's ""Harlem World"" chain
Estimate: $250,000

Cameron's ""Harlem World"" chain

In the past, Cameron has become the public enemy of fashion pronouns for his ridiculous but eye-catching ""Harlem World"" chain. This piece of jewelry has a battery-powered interior that keeps the little globe on it spinning. The necklace was later bought by Lil Yachty from Cameron and upgraded by changing the words ""Killa Cam Harlem World"" to ""Yachty 's World"".

No. 6: Lil Jon's ""Crunk Ain't Dead"" chain
Estimate: $500,000

Lil Jon's ""Crunk Ain't Dead"" chain

This necklace was the giant diamond pendant ever made at the time, and what's even more incredible is that its influence lasted long after the music of the Crunk genre had declined entirely. The necklace looked bigger than Lil Jon, weighing over 5 pounds, and was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. Although the record has been broken, Lil Jon's necklace started a new trend of bigger chains getting more attention.

No. 5: Marilyn Manson Chain by Lil Uzi Vert
Estimate: $220,000

Marilyn Manson Chain by Lil Uzi Vert

In a culture that is almost ""crazy straight"", it's interesting to see an artist like Lil Uzi Vert pay tribute to another artist with one of his most expensive chains, especially one like Marilyn Manson. She is not even involved in hip-hop music. However, it's clear from Lil Uzi Vert's music that you can see why Marilyn Manson is attracted to him to show a different, even somewhat darker side.

No. 4: T-Pain's Big Ass Chain Chain
Estimate: $410,000

T-Pain's Big Ass Chain Chain

T-Pain's Big Ass Chain weighs 10 pounds more expensive than any ordinary chain and is set with nearly 200 carats of diamonds. Although he later told Vice that the $400,000 purchase was ""the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life,"" the insane audacity of spending so much money on something ridiculous is still impressive.

No. 3: Kanye West's Horus Chain
Estimate: $300,000

Kanye West's Horus Chain

Do you remember Kanye wearing a vast metal chain in the ""Power"" mv? Of course, its price is costly. It is bold compared to Kanye comparing himself to a representation of God, which is very much like Kanye's behaviour. But it exudes a transcendent vibe that suits the song perfectly. Considering all the weird and wacky things Kanye has put his fans through over the years, it's only logical that Kanye would pay homage to a bird god-like Horus with this chain.

No. 2: Yung Berg's Transformer Chain
Estimate: $70,000

Yung Berg's Transformer Chain

Yung Berg's single ""Sexy Lady"" was so successful that he celebrated by buying himself a large chain modelled after Transformers. However, the story is not as simple as it seems because the chain was stolen from him soon after, and new photos began to circulate online. The necklace was passed through the circulation many times and was eventually stolen again by British rapper Rowdy-T.

No. 1: Rick Ross's Rick Ross Chain
Estimate: $1.5 million

Rick Ross's Rick Ross Chain

A large chain of over a million dollars, Ross has the most expensive chain is not only a rapper but also one of the most ridiculous and comical. The initial chain mimicked Ross' face, which alone deserves a standing ovation, but then went a step further and created a bust of himself wearing that same outfit, which can only be described as a classic case of the overlay chain.

These are the 10 most talked about and valuable necklaces in Hip-Hop history. If you are also a pendant enthusiast, why not take a look at GEMLOOKS pendants, there are no overpriced pendants here, there are quality pendants that you can afford to pay!

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