This is the story of Charlie and Ms. M

Each piece of custom jewelry is unique. When you think of custom jewelry, you may think of the Heart of the Ocean, which showed its elegance and beauty in ""Titanic"" back then, causing everyone to pursue custom jewelry. But at that time, everyone knew that custom jewelry was synonymous with being expensive.

With people's pursuit of the spiritual world, customized jewelry is becoming more and more popular, ensuring uniqueness while not only being expensive.
Each piece of custom jewelry has a unique and profound meaning to each customer, and its preciousness cannot be defined by its price.

As a jewelry seller, I am often touched by my customers' stories. With permission, I'd like to share a recent customer's story.

One day we received a picture of an adorable puppy, and in the conversation with us, Ms. M said this: the dog's name is Charlie, and it has been with her for 8 years. Two years ago, she had to go to Sri Lanka for a one-year temporary residence for work. She had been living alone in California before, and Charlie had no one to take care of her, so she decided to bring Charlie to Sri Lanka to keep each other company. The days in a foreign country became attractive and not lonely because of its presence.

It was a sad day when Miss M was working in the city, and it suddenly started to rain heavily in Sri Lanka, with lightning and thunder, and the wind blew down the roadside trees and smashed the fence of the yard. Charlie was frightened and rushed out of the yard. Vehicles on the road to and fro, perhaps the rain blurred the drivers' vision, or maybe the dog lost in the rain, in such an unfortunate rainstorm day Charlie figure fixed in the cold tarmac road in Sri Lanka, but also forever left in the heart of Miss M. When Miss M saw all this through the roadside surveillance, she was heartbroken, Charlie is her closest family in adulthood, brought her life a lot of joy, but also with her through every sad night.

It took a long time before M slowly got over this sad time through therapy with a psychiatrist. She understood that the only thing she could do was to remember Charlie's cute look and the good times she had with him. So Miss M, after seeing our customized products, sent Charlie's photo to be made into a pendant so that Charlie could stay closest to her heart.

This is Charlie and M's story. What about yours?
Please share your story. We would like to keep it/him/her for you and save the good time you have with them.

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