Together because of love

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I and shelly's love story this story to say also particularly impressive.

Shelly and I went to college together. We both liked sports at that time, she liked to play basketball, and I liked street dance locking.
At that time, we had not met each other.

Once, we attended an outdoor music party together. I found her shining in the crowd. She likes hip-hop music, and I jumped on stage and did a locking dance to get her attention.
She knew that the founder of Locking was Don Campbell, and I told her that I was once a timid boy who didn't dare to talk or even dance in a crowd until I read the legendary story of Don Campbell in high school and remembered the story forever The quote.
"The next time you see a shy kid hiding in the corner or a very quiet person, remember, Don Campbell is that person!". I became confident enough to unleash my charm because I wanted to be like Don Campbell and bring joy to those around me.

As for her, her favorite is Kobe Bryant, who is also my favorite basketball star. What I remember most is the spirit of Mamba, the spirit of never giving up. The boys who play basketball at school dream of one day being like Kobe and making their own way in the NBA. It is because of this spirit that Shelly and I found a common topic of conversation and became close friends.

But fate is always inscrutable, on January 26, 2020, Kobe died because of an accident. Things happened too suddenly. Shelly and I can not accept, that this thing is a big blow to us. We comfort each other through this period of sorrowful time.
Two months later, on March 31, my idol Don Campbell died of a heart attack, and she was still with me, comforting me.
After these two events, she and I identified with each other and started to be together.
Because we understand that the accident and tomorrow do not know which day came, love is really meaningful.

Today is our 500th day together, and we chose a hip-hop-style necklace set for our 500th day anniversary.
To this day, shelly and I are still very much in love, and I believe we will always be together.
I think every meaningful day of love is worth being remembered.


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