Welcome to the 70s Hip-hop Era

The hip-hop scene has always held a place for retro culture. Nowadays, with retro trends sweeping the current street fashion, follow Gemlooks' introduction, and let's go back to the 70s.

Hip-hop is a rapidly evolving culture that has only been around for half a century now, rapidly growing from an underground culture to a global mainstream culture, and it all started in New York in the 1970s.

In 1970s New York, everyone was addicted to the disco dance halls, celebrities drove luxury cars, drank champagne, carried diamonds, and the materialistic streets of New York were considered to be America's paradise.

Except for the Bronx, the city of sin, filled with fires, crime in the area, where people live in desperation, due to the lack of jobs, creating opportunities for too many people to commit crimes, the constant robberies and murders are also filled with illegal police killings, hip-hop culture was created in this desperate environment.

On August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc threw a party that changed history, where men and women sang and danced and even smoked marijuana, indulging themselves constantly, while Herc played soul music and funk music. The break section was extended and seamlessly integrated with the break section of the other song. The needle kept playing back and forth between the two hands of the record, which was never seen before, making this party song an instant favorite among young people and becoming an internet sensation at the time.
This upbeat form of music gave birth to break dancing, a new type of dance that made every young person fall in love with dancing their bodies, even as each person began to compete with others by constantly improving their dancing skills. Because herc wanted to have someone to liven up the atmosphere while playing songs, he got Coke La Rock partner, who was also the earliest MC, and together the two expanded the size of the party numbers from a few dozen to a few hundred. The party was filled with all kinds of people, even gang members.

Real gangsters were introduced to a new style of music this way, and Afrika Bambaataa, who lived in the East Bronx, thought he could make it too. So he united the local gang gangs and created the Zulu republic, uniting the then discriminated African-Americans and launching a movement that preached love and peace, turning these gang members away from fighting and killing and allowing them to focus more on music and dancing while calling the movement hip hop, which hip hop inherently means giving people a choice to have fun and dance. And the fight between gangs has changed from the previous vicious fights to a peaceful form of fighting and dancing.

There is also mention of a character who made DJing the most astounding profession, grandmaster flash, who invented the way of rubbing discs, allowing DJs to discover a way to edit songs more conveniently and better by using their fingers instead of pointers while making the record a musical instrument as well.

These three ushered in the significant era of hip-hop. And hip-hop has continued to promote PEACE UNITY LOVE HAVING FUN RESPECT to this day.
People unite because of peace and respect, and unity leads to love, which leads to true happiness.
Hip-hop is the real culture, what we love is not only the cool dress and jumping melody, but we should understand the optimism and strength that the spirit of hip-hop brings us when we are lost and in pain only by removing the false and impetuous shell, we can indeed be happy.

This is hip-hop that started in the '70s, and it is groundbreaking and contemporary. So when did you first get into hip-hop culture? Do you have any stories that stand out to you?
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