Why is There a Huge Price Gap in Hip-hop Jewelry

As hip-hop culture has evolved over the decades, everyone has a different opinion on defining its style. The fat jeans worn at the beginning could be criticized at the time, but the hip-hop accessories as icing on the cake have always been the darlings of hip-hop fashion in the changing times.

Every hip-hop lover can express their life and mental attitude through different jewelry matching.
Through the bright and shiny hip-hop jewelry, people convey hip-hop fashion sense, express their desire for money and flaunt their wealth, as long as you have the idea to choose various sizes, colors, and shapes of hip-hop jewelry.
But the market for hip hop jewelry, due to the significant differences in the economic strength of the buying public, the price gap is also huge, the quality also varies, in the end how to choose, as a jewelry seller I can give you some advice.

1. The difference in material.
In the previous article, we introduced the difference between ordinary material gold plating and 18K gold plating. Here I suggest that you choose according to your budget. Especially our 5 times gold plated products with 3A+ zirconia perfectly neutralize the price and practicality. There is no economic pressure to buy this kind of jewelry and no risk of wear and tear.

2. The difference in the process.
At this moment, I recommend you buy color-preserving models because summer is coming, the skin is more likely to sweat, and to go outdoors, swimming. Color-preserving models can not only avoid the trouble of corrosion, and anti fading can also make you look shinier in the crowd.

3. Celebrity effect and products of famous brands
Cuba chain and other hip-hop jewelry are no longer just a common commodity in the hip-hop circle, and it has entirely out of the circle. Many stars in different fields have fallen in love with it. It also seems to have turned into an aesthetic symbol. There is also the cooperation of big brands, such as LV, BALENCIAGA, and other luxury brands are also competing to launch similar products.

Because hip-hop jewelry is becoming increasingly important in the fashion world, the price will naturally be raised. Providing super cost-effective products so everyone can have the hip-hop jewelry they like is precisely the principle we founded at Gemlooks.

What I want to share with you is that the pursuit of fashion does not have to be bankrupt, and even though our idols give us a lot of inspiration and creativity, we must spend as rationally as our financial means allow. At Gemlooks, these hip-hop accessories have shiny colors and excellent texture and cover a wide range of prices, so high-income and low-income people can shop for their favorite accessories.

We advocate that everyone has the right to pursue beauty and welcome everyone to shop at Gemlooks.

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