The Origin of Gemlooks

Gemlooks was founded in 2022 by three principals, dedicated to promoting hip-hop trendy accessories and hip-hop street culture to the world..

Gemlooks' Values

Gemlooks has always been about freedom and the courage to express yourself. As an accessory brand, we want every customer who enters Gemlooks to be free to choose their favorite accessories without being influenced by poorly mannered salesmen or discriminatory passersby, which is why we want to do internet sales. Trendy jewelry is never only for "celebrities, weblebrities and hipsters", but also for ordinary people who can wear it freely and show their attitude and taste in fashion through Gemlooks jewelry with affordable price and trendy design.

Gemlooks' Mission

Gemlooks wants to be the best in the industry, providing the best service and products to all customers without class or discrimination, building long-term friendly relationships, and becoming a brand with the ability to serve the global market.

Gemlooks' Commitment

Gemlooks will provide the best buying experience for our customers based on the integrity of our business. "Hi, you guys are the most clear and quickest store to respond to questions I've encountered in my online shopping experience, it's a great feeling and much appreciated." Whenever we receive such compliments, we reflect that, in fact, online sales are becoming more and more popular nowadays, but often the service for customers is lagging behind in development.
According to the market, we understand that many negative reviews of online shopping lie in after-sales or pre-sales, and customers' problems are not responded and solved by customer service for a long time, making customers feel very bad. That's why Gemlooks has set up an exclusive solution team and order one-to-one customer service team, which can respond to customers' questions and get further solutions within 24 hours to dispel customers' distrust of online shopping and enhance the trust between the brand and customers.
For Gemlooks' original intention: To make high quality jewelry affordable for everyone. We use our own factory to produce products, so we can fully control quality and keep our technology up-to-date. We also set up a design team to design jewelry for market customer preferences and fashion hotspots to meet the different needs of our customers for daily and special scenes.
We promise that we will always operate with integrity and achieve good value for money.